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Once your pool is built we have lots of options for pool decks including stamped, colored concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, and brick or stone decks. We can assist you by recommending one or a combination of materials to create the look you want. Having a decorative concrete pool deck can turn your pool into the focal point of your outdoor oasis. 

Here are some of the products that we offer. Click on the links below to view the color charts.

Liquid Integral Colors - Has a far better dispersion in comparison to powder or granular colors. We currently offer 64 standard colors and have the ability to attempt to match other manufacturer’s colors or a custom color supplied by you.

Powder Accent Release Agents - This product is used on stamped concrete jobs to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete and also to add your accent or secondary color, we can also use multiple colors to achieve a custom look. This product is available in 35 colors. 

Renew Crete Overlay System - This product is used to beautify and rejuvenate existing concrete. This is a system which we can resurface standard concrete in its natural color with a broom, troweled or standard finish. We can also do coloring or stamping and we currently have 20 colors to choose from. 

Translucent Color Stain - This product is a stain that penetrates the surface of concrete to produce a long lasting and resistant color stain that works in conjunction with the existing color of the surface it is applied to; this is available in 16 colors and is a decorative look without the texture of stamping.

Solid Color Stains - These stains can be used to restore previously colored surfaces or to rejuvenate old tired concrete by covering stains and discoloration. This product is available in approx 20 colors. 

Decorative Concrete Photo Gallery

We are proud to offer Proline Decorative Concrete Stamps. Proline offers many beautiful choices of textures and patterns. Please visit the Proline website to view their photo gallery of stamps. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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